About us

Welcome! Dog Training Boss was created to help guide dog owners through the many training and product options available to create a happier pet-owner relationship.

As a parent, dog owner, and dog foster family, we strive to create a calm and loving environment for all creatures (two and four-legged) in our home. We quickly found that juggling the circus of children and pets is a lot easier (and everyone is a lot happier) with expectations and a routine. While we understood how to communicate that to the children, what about our dog?

There are many online resources available to dog owners, but it is difficult to know which training tools and products are best suited to modify our dog’s behavior in a way that worked for our family. Internet searches often revealed more questions than answers about which courses or products would be best for our slightly spoiled furry friend. 

We are not veterinarians publishing medical information about dogs. However, we work with a team of qualified dog trainers and dog lovers who can provide information, advice, and help review training options mentioned on this site.

What’s Next?

Since you have landed on this site, it means you also have an interest in learning about which resources are right for training your furry best friend. While the training process can take time, we are working to provide answers to your questions about dog behaviors and updated resources explaining products and training techniques. We hope you enjoy the content on this site and that the resources help you make decisions that strengthen the relationship with your canine.

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If you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!