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This is our comparison review of the Halo dog collar vs Spot On dog collar systems. 

In this review, we will highlight the pros and cons of each collar, take a look at features that owners find beneficial, and describe the technology with each system. 

Since both collar systems are an investment, dog owners should understand exactly what they are paying for before making a purchase. Hours of research from dog owners, customers, trainers, and other experts were completed to offer our guidance so you can make the best choice for purchasing the Halo dog collar vs Spot On dog collar for your furry friend.

When comparing the Halo dog collar vs Spot On dog collar, we found that both collars have desirable features that owners find valuable. We paid special attention to how easy it is to use the system, the overall security results, along with qualities that are unique to each collar.

Since every dog owner is looking for different benefits we also reviewed some of the recent updates to technology that owners say helped them make a purchasing decision. 

Let’s dive into comparing the Halo dog collar vs Spot On dog collar systems by taking a closer look at what each product has to offer dog owners. 

Halo Dog Collar

Halo dog collar systems have been on the market since 2017 and have been upgraded in recent years.  The system provides GPS and invisible fence technologies to create a safe area for your dog while allowing you to know your dog’s location on an app. While the Halo system is an investment, the positive reviews and results speak for themselves.

Weatherproof: Yes

Size of Dog: At least 20 lbs.

Battery Life: 21 hours

How it Works: Dog owners use a Halo app to set invisible fence markers in the area their dog is allowed to explore. This might seem complicated, but it’s simply walking with the Halo app around the area you wish to set boundaries, or moving the boundaries with a touch of your finger in the Halo app on your phone. According to Halo’s customer support, the invisible fence area can be up to 1,200 square miles and any shape you want. The minimum area should be at least 25 x 25 feet. No wires and no digging involved. 

Stimulus Feedback

When the dog is close to reaching the set boundaries, it’s given a stimulus (beep, vibration, or static) to deter them from exploring outside of the boundary. The collar starts with a gentle warning and continues to provide feedback to the dog until your furry friend heads away from the boundaries. Owners can choose the stimulus and level of sound or vibration that works best for their dog.

Tracking Activity

The fence boundaries you set are stored in the collar and it also tracks your dog’s activity. Halo systems use GPS tracking and satellites to enhance the accuracy and reliability of their software, allowing your to monitor your dog in real time.  Some owners have found it useful to know how active, or inactive, their dog is throughout the day. 

The app also allows owners to know how often their dog needs a reminder stimulus in an certain area. This is useful to owners who may want to create a new boundary or concider additional training.

GPS Features

The Halo app is also a GPS tracker for your canine – whether inside or outside the preset fence boundaries, you’ll see your dog’s location on the app. The collar also uses voice recordings to encourage a lost dog to return home. 

Multiple Dog Options

The Halo system can be used with multiple dogs, but each dog will need their own collar. All collars are managed with the same app and subscription plan to use the fence boundaries you’ve created. Difference fences can also be set up for each individual dog on your account.

Design and Material

The Halo collar comes in three sizes and you should measure your dog for the best fit before ordering. While the design is durable and well-made, some owners have mentioned this harness seems to be a better fit for medium or larger-sized dogs. 

The collar comes in a handful of colors and uses a lithium-ion battery. The collar is enclosed in a tough fabric that helps provide protection along with being weather and waterproof.

What Dog Owners Say 

The ability to set boundary fences wherever they are (home, vacation, beach, parks) gives dog owners comfort about their dog’s safety while still allowing their canine freedom to explore. 

There’s a 21-day training guide, designed by Cesar Millan, with videos that help you set up the system. Most dog owners are happily surprised at the ease of operating the Halo dog collar and it’s easy to see why the Halo technology is winning awards.  

Generally, owners are pleased with the recent updates, customer service, and tech support if they run into problems. There is an additional charge for the Halo subscription plan (which includes a protection plan) and users will need cellular reception.

Spot On Dog Collar System

The Spot On system was developed by certified trainers and allows you to create and customize virtual fences using your phone. The company began creating GPS fencing in 2019 and continues to upgrade technology and features for dog owners.

Weatherproof: Yes

Size of Dog: at least 15 lbs.

Battery Life: 22

How it Works

The Spot On system uses tones to let your dog know when it’s getting close to the boundaries you have set. There is also an optional vibration or static correction for when your dog gets too close to the invisible fence. The technology doesn’t provide correction feedback to your dog if they are returning, away from the boundary…it’s created to know which direction your dog is moving. 

GPS Features

The Spot On technology also has a GPS tracker for your canine. With the cellular subscription, it works in real-time to see your dog’s location on the app. The cellular subscription also provides features like letting you know if your dog escapes or if the battery is low and the collar needs to be charged. 

Size and shape

Owners will need at least a ½ acre of land to work properly, but can be used in an area of 1000 or more acres once set up. Spot On uses True Location technology to access 128 satellites for accuracy when creating boundaries at home, in parks, or on vacation.

Multiple Dog Options

The Spot On system can be used with multiple dogs, but each dog will need their own collar and their own optional cellular subscription. Dogs can use the same fences between collars and all collars can be managed through their app. 

Stimulus Feedback

When the dog is close to reaching the set boundaries, it’s given a stimulus (beep, vibration, or static) to deter them from exploring outside of the boundary. Owners can choose the stimulus and level of sound or vibration that works best for their dog.

Design and Material

The collars come in three different sizes so it’s important to properly measure your dog’s neck before making a purchase. The collar is made from a flexible material with clasps. Some dog owners have mentioned concerns with their dog chewing the collar. 

What Dog Owners Say

While the Spot On system only takes about an hour to fully charge the battery, some dog owners have mentioned concerns with holding the charge for the full 22 hours. Other users have brought up some tracking issues that required assistance or testing from tech support.

Most owners say it is pretty easy to set up the system and found the recent technology updates to be an improvement from past issues. 

Halo Dog Collar vs Spot On: Understanding The Technology

As with any boundary fence system, you’ll want to understand how to use it effectively without causing discomfort. For example, dog owners should understand how the technology works, and what limitations there might be. It’s also a good idea to be present to test the boundaries so you feel comfortable with your dog’s safety.

Training Tips

Whether you are comparing the Halo dog collar vs Spot On collar, or a separate system entirely, the best fence and collar system still relies on basic training. Proper training techniques help your dog understand what the stimulus means. 

  • Using verbal praise and treats will help your dog develop a positive association for staying inside the boundaries you have set. 
  • While you are beginning to use a collar system like Halo or Spot On, avoid busy places like dog parks or events. Stick to quiet times with less distractions until your dog understands the expectations.
  • Some dogs catch on to how the boundaries and stimulus from the collar work faster than other canines. Try to be patient and consistent with training and use rewards for faster success.

The Value of Treats for Training

Most dog owners are very well aware that dogs like rewards. Many dog trainers often use treats and praise to immediately reward good behavior. This helps the dog associate the reward with the desired behavior. 

Quick access to training treats can make the entire no-pull training go faster and be more successful. We’ve created a guide of the best dog treat fanny packs to look at some options for treat carrying that are hands-free while you focus on your dog’s behavior.

Our Final Thoughts

In a handful of areas, both the Halo and Spot On systems provided similar value to owners. In comparing the Halo dog collar vs Spot On dog collar, both technologies can fence in a large area of any shape with no additional wires or hardware to install. Both systems can be used with multiple dogs, are waterproof, and the charge lasts about the same amount of time. 

One of the biggest differences is the investment price of the Halo dog collar vs Spot On. Halo is less expensive but does require a monthly fee. Spot On has an optional monthly fee. Since both systems are a financial investment, it’s suggested to wait until the dog is at least 6 months to help with proper training and collar fit. 

Our staff at Dog Training Boss found many benefits to both systems when comparing the Halo dog collar vs Spot On collar. In the end, our favorite pick is the Halo dog collar system. We like the additional training the system provides along with the ease of use and security at a lower price point. 

As always, safety should be the top priority with any dog product or training. We hope this review has helped you find the best collar for dogs that pull and we encourage dog owners to consult their vet with any specific questions or concerns regarding their canine’s needs.

We hope our review of the Halo dog collar vs Spot On dog collar has helped guide you in the right direction for making the best decision for you and your companion.

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