5 Best Dog Treat Fanny Packs

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This is our review of the best dog treat fanny packs.

The ability to carry training treats on the go isn’t a small detail – we at Dog Training Boss understand the importance of immediate rewards, especially when training your furry friend. 

Hours of research were completed to offer our recommendations so you can make the best choice for purchasing a dog treat fanny pack that fits your needs. 

We looked at several features like size, washability, closures, straps, and accessories to point you in the right direction to the dog treat fanny pack that fits your needs. 

Our pick is the MalsiPree Dog Treat Pouch.

While there are several dog treat fanny packs that checked the basic boxes of holding treats and being comfortable to wear, the MalsiPree Dog Treat Pouch stands out because of its sturdy design, practical benefits, and built-in hook for carrying used poop bags…making one less thing for owners to carry.

Since every dog owner is looking for different benefits in their dog treat fanny pack purchase, we reviewed 5 different belt pouches that led the way in 5 categories.

Let’s take a look at what fits your lifestyle. 

5 Reviews For Best Dog Treat Fanny Packs

Best in Show: MalsiPree Dog Treat Pouch for Training

Sleek Design: Leashboss Dog PackUp Pouch

Most Versatile: Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch

Best Bells and Whistles: FurPals Dog Treat Pouch Waist Bag

Honorable Mention: Pup Pouch Nookoo: Dog Walk Waist Fanny Pack

MalsiPree Dog Treat Pouch

MalsiPree Dog Treat Pouch for Training

Capacity:  7.44 x 5.79 x 2.24 inches; 7.83 ounces

Pockets: Several

Washability: Yes 

Waterproof: Yes

Closures: Drawstring and zipper

Adjustable Strap: Yes, adjusts from 23″ to 49”

Built-in Water Bottle: Yes

Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser: Yes, and metal hook to carry used waste bags

Buyers like the sturdy design of the MalsiPree Dog Treat Pouch and pockets for treats and personal items. There is a small inside pocket that can securely hold cash or cards as well. This dog treat fanny pack also comes with a little metal hook to hang used poop bags, making it completely hands-free.

Many dog trainers like the size of the pockets to hold treats and the ease of the poop bag dispenser. While the fanny pack is quite durable, some owners have concerns about the quality of the water bottle pocket, especially for heavier bottles. However, the water bottle pocket zips up when not in use and some trainers also use that pocket space for training toys or other items.

Washing instructions aren’t too clear, but some users have noted that a gentle cycle in a washing machine and hanging to dry seems to do the trick if you need more than a spot clean.

Leashboss PackUp Pouch

Capacity: 7.44 x 5.79 x 2.24 inches; 7.83 ounces

Pockets: Several

Washability: Hand wash with cold or warm water

Waterproof: No

Closures: Drawstring and zipper

Adjustable Strap: yes, the strap adjusts from  23″ to 49”

Built-in Water Bottle: Yes

Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser: Yes

The Leashboss PackUp Pouch is noticeably slimmer than other fanny packs and it comes in several colors. Owners enjoy the breathable material and also the light padding on the back of the pouch and the small reflective stripe. The water bottle pocket has a collapsable zipper to close up with it’s not in use. 

However, some users mention the slim design leads to less space and they would like to have a little bit more room for storage and navigating pockets with their hands. Leashboss does carry several styles and sizes.

Paw Lifestyles

Capacity: 7 x 2.5 x 5 inches; 6.21 ounces

Pockets: Several

Washability: Spot clean or machine wash

Waterproof: Yes

Closures: Drawstring and zippers

Adjustable Strap: Yes, adjusts to 48” and 1.5” in width, and metal belt clip

Built-in Water Bottle: No

Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser: Yes

Dog walkers enjoy the versatility of the Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch. It can be worn like a fanny pack around the waist, over the shoulder, or attached to a belt using the attached metal clip. The main pocket appears roomy without dividers. The brightly colored liner makes treats and items easy to spot.

While the manufacturer describes this dog treat pouch as easy to clean, the cleaning instructions are unclear. However, some owners do mention using a washing machine and hanging it to dry without issues. It is not dishwasher safe. 

FurPals Dog Treat Pouch Waist Bag

Capacity: ‎9 x 6.5 x 2.6 inches, 8 ounces

Pockets: Several

Washability: Spot clean

Waterproof: Unclear

Closures: Zippers

Adjustable Strap: Yes, adjusts to 48”- 50”

Built-in Water Bottle: Yes

Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser: Yes 

The FurPals Dog Treat Pouch Waist Bag has a water bottle pocket with additional buckles to tighten the straps to help keep the bottle from moving which many dog trainers find useful. This belt bag also includes a collapsible water dish. The large main pocket has two zippers. While the material is breathable, there is also some padding for comfort against your body.

While the washability and waterproof features are a bit unclear, many owners describe the material as easy to clean and holds up well after spot/hand cleaning.

Pup Pouch Nookoo: Dog Walk Waist Fanny Pack

Capacity: 10 x 10 x 7 inches; 9.59 ounces

Pockets: Many

Washability: Machine washable

Waterproof: Yes

Closures: Drawstring & zipper

Adjustable Strap: Yes, adjusts to 40” with a strap width of 1.5”

Water Bottle Pocket: Yes

Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser: Yes

The Nookoo Dog Walk Waist Fanny Pack has several pockets help keep different treats separate from personal items with zipper closures. This can be especially useful if you are walking more than one dog or need an extra treat space for dietary needs. The design, price, and fabric make this a practical, durable fanny pack for dog walkers. 

It is worth pointing out that some buyers have noticed concerns with keeping the water bottle pocket secure and the quality of the collapsable water dish included with the pack. 

Guide to Buying a Dog Treat Fanny Pack

Dog treat fanny packs have several features to consider, but which features are really beneficial to you? Here’s a look at some of the features we researched while reviewing products and why (or why not) they can be helpful for you and your dog’s needs. 


Choosing the right size of dog treat fanny pack comes down to knowing a few things. 

– How many treats will you typically carry with you? 

– What kind of treats? (dry, wet, size of treat)

– Do I need space for toys, a water bottle or poop bags?

– Will my pack need to hold personal items? (cell phone, keys, cash)

– Are the openings large enough for my hand to easily reach treats and items?

Once you know what you need the fanny pack to hold, you’ll quickly realize how much space and pockets you need as well. If you plan to take longer hikes, consider other capacity issues like extra water bottles, dog food, or human snacks.


How you choose to wash your dog treat fanny pack might depend on what kinds of treats and food you’ll be taking with you. 

Some fanny packs have removable washable liners, some can go in a washing machine, and many others are handwash only. Some dog owners prefer dry treats to keep the mess minimal. 

It’s important to choose a fanny pack with a manageable washing routine to help keep bacteria away and your dog healthy, 


If you plan to take your dog treat bag near water or be out in the rain, purchasing a fanny pack made with waterproof material might be a good option. Lakes, rivers, sprinklers, and rain can create a mushy mess with dog treats and any personal items you tote along, like a cell phone. 

Waterproof material is often easy to spot clean, which can be a benefit if you happen to get caught with a muddy dog that likes to shake it off!


The types of closures on dog treat fanny packs can vary quite a bit and also impact the convenience of reaching for treats. Many dog owners look for closures that are easy to open, easily fits their hand, and stays closed for freshness. 

Here are three common closures.


While drawstrings open easily, some owners dislike needing both hands to tightly close it. 


A good zipper can be opened and closed with one hand and keeps dry treats fresh. 


Most magnets create one-handed opening and closing, but it’s good to think about the strength of the magnet and if the closure folds to completely seal the treats inside. 


If you intend to wear your bag across a shoulder, or anyplace different than your waist, take a look at which fanny packs have versatile adjusting straps or if additional strap options are available to purchase. 

If you plan to wear the fanny pack over a winter coat, you may want to measure your waist size with the coat on to make sure you purchase a pouch with a belt strap that will adjust accordingly to the extra layers.

All the dog treat fanny packs we reviewed were adjustable to different lengths, so it’s a good idea to look at the measurements to make sure the size will work for you.


If you think you’ll want to use your dog treat bag to carry personal items, there are several products that offer separate pockets, clips, and water bottle holders to fit your needs Here are a few items many dog owners think about before making a fanny pack purchase. 

Cell Phone

Fanny pack owners suggest measuring your phone to check the fit in the bags you are considering buying. Having a little extra space for thick phone cases can help give you room when trying to reach in and answer a call. 


Some fanny packs come with clips or carabiners to help hold keys. However, some dog owners suggest having a separate inside pocket for your keys to quiet the ‘jingling noise’.


If you plan to stash cash or cards in your dog treat carrier, you may want to look for one with a good inside pocket with a zipper.

Water Bottle

Having enough water for you and your furry friend can make a big difference, but luckily many fanny packs have built-in water bottle carries or side mesh pockets. If you enjoy longer strolls and hikes, some carriers have places to hold two water bottles. 

Poop Bags

Taking care of your canine means responsibility for carrying poop bags on your outings. Many dog owners enjoy fanny packs that have built-in bag dispensers. Owners can simply pull the bag out from the outside of the fanny pack without digging inside. 

If poop bag dispensers aren’t an important benefit for you, some dog owners choose to use the dispenser for earbuds. 

Reflective Material

Some dog treat bags have reflective material built in or clips to attach small flashlights. Dog owners who take their canines out for walks when it’s dark find these extras a valuable safety measure. 

Our Final Thoughts

Soaking in some fresh air with your canine companion is good for both of you. Whether you’re training on the go or simply enjoying a walk, finding a fanny pack that holds dog treats and personal items can make your outdoor time much more enjoyable and help progress training techniques. 

After filtering through a lot of information and feedback from dog trainers and dog walkers, we found that after size and strap adjustability, many are looking for a truly hands-free experience. Managing a leash, giving a command with hand signs, and using a clicker for training are all a little easier (and safer) if you aren’t juggling pockets of treats, water bottles, and a cell phone. 

So we are handing our Best In Show award to the MalsiPree Dog Treat Pouch for Training. In addition to other practical features, the attached anchor-shaped metal hook to hold used poop bags was a helpful addition that adds a real benefit to many dog owners.

With that in mind, there are many other features that might fit your lifestyle and add value to taking your furry friend on a walk. We hope this review points you in the right direction to finding the best dog treat fanny pack for your needs.

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