Top 5 Escape Proof Dog Crates

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This is our review of the best escape proof dog crates.

Safely crating your dog isn’t a small matter and a furry Houdini can lead to big messes and big vet bills for the owner. While heavy-duty escape proof dog crates are a bigger investment, they are also made to last a lifetime.

Our staff at Dog Training Boss have put hours of research into which crates are best to keep dogs safely crated while you are away. 

Our Best In Show award for the overall best escape proof crate goes to the Pro Select Empire Dog Crate.

While there are many heavy-duty crates to pick from, we especially liked the Pro Select Empire because of it’s durability and design.

In our research, we looked at what kinds latches worked best to keep dogs from escaping, the strength of the materials, door location, and ventilation. We also looked at extras like wheels for transport and trays for cleaning messes. 

5 Reviews: Best Escape Proof Dog Crate

Best in Show: Pro Select Empire Dog Crate

Best Size Options: Smith Built Heavy Duty Crate

Best For Travel (Lightweight): Zinger Professional 4000 Crate

Honorable Mention: WOKEEN Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Ease of Assembly: Smonter Heavy-Duty Pet Crate

Let’s take a closer look at which of these designs is best to keep your canine crated.

Pro Select Empire Steel Dog Crate

Sizes: Medium, 37″L x 25.34″W x 33.75″H  Large, 42.25″L x 30.75″W x 41.25″H

Material: Reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes and 20-gauge steel

Tray: Yes

Wheels: Yes

Doors: 1, side

Dog owners like the safety and durability this heavy-duty crate offers. The Pro Select Empire Dog Crate is designed for strong dogs who would try to use force and chewing or clawing to escape other crates. In addition to the strong steel material, it uses a dual door latch to keep cleaver dogs from breaking free. 

Since the crate is heavy, around 75lbs for the medium and 100lbs for the large size, many dog owners really like the locking wheels for moving the crate and cleaning around it. However, because of the weight and size of this crate, many owners mention that is would likely be difficult to travel with or transport in a car. 

The crate can be purchased in two different sizes, it’s rust resistant, and has removable, locking wheels for flexibility to find the right crate location in your home. Some assembly is required.

Smith Built Heavy-Duty Dog Crate

Sizes: Medium, 36″L x 24″W x 29″H  Large, 42″L x 30″W x 34″H  XL 48″L x 33″W x 37″H

Material: Steel, 3/4″ frame reinforced with 1/2″ diameter (20 gauge) welded steel tubes

Tray: Yes

Wheels: Yes

Doors: 2, side and top

This heavy-duty steel dog crate has a few extra features that many do owners found useful. The Smith Built crate has a side and top door making it easier to reach in and give your dog a toy or treat without opening the side door where escapees tend to wait. 

The manufacturer has designed this crate in three different sizes, making it a good option for larger dogs that need an escape proof dog crate that fits their size. 

Like many of the heavy-duty escape proof dog crates we are reviewing, this crate is heavy. The smallest size weighs in at just under 100lbs. While not ideal for travel, the wheels are handy for moving within your home and two of the wheels can be locked for stability when not in motion.

The Smith Built crate is rust & corrosion-resistant so it can be used indoor or outdoor.

Buyers like the two slide-bolt latches on the side door, but it’s worth nothing that some dog owners with particularly clever dogs have added luggage locks to reinforce the latches for their furry escape artists. 

Some owners have also mentioned that the packaging is flimsy and damaged pieces need to be sent back to the manufacture. Minimal assembly is needed before use. 

Zinger Winger 10-PR4000-2-FB Professional 4000 Front Back Entry Dog Crate

Sizes:  24″W x 28″H x 36″L

Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel

Tray: no

Wheels: Optional (additional purchase)

Doors: 2 doors, front and back

Some of our readers have been asking about heavy-duty crates that aren’t quite so heavy. Especially a crate to make travel easier. After hours of research on this topic alone, we selected to review the Zinger Professional 4000 Front Back Entry Dog Crate because the material is significantly more lightweight for travel and the optional air travel kit add-on. 

While the total bill for the Zinger Professional Series crate is more costly than the other escape proof dog crates we reviewed, many dog owners agreed that the cost of keeping your dog and your possessions safe is worth it. These crates were created for strong dogs that have a knack for escaping!

The manufacture uses a slam locking stainless door latch and secondary keyed lock for extra security. Laser-cut holes offer plenty of air flow for ventilation. This crate weighs in at just around 40lbs, making it about about a third the weight of the other heavy-duty crates we reviewed.

Zinger sells crate accessories including a padded mat, airline travel kit, extra handles, and removable wheels. We also liked the 90 Day ‘No Escape’ warranty. 

WOKEEN Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Sizes: Medium, 37.6″L x 25.7″W x 31″H  Large, 47.5″L x 30.7″W x 36″H

Material: 20-gauge alloy steel, reinforced 0.6 inch diameter steel tubes

Tray: Yes

Wheels: Yes

Doors: 2, side and top

Dog owners like the durability of this heavy-duty dog crate and the two different sizes is beneficial for both large and smaller dog owners looking for an escape proof dog crate. The WOKEEN using stainless steel bolt locks and is built with a side and top door. 

Two of the four wheels can be locked, however, some owners have noted issues with the wheels attaching or locking correctly. It did not appear to effect the overall durability of the crate itself. However, the WOKEEN crate weighs in just under 100lbs, so many owners were quick to find replacement wheels for easier moving and cleaning.

This escape proof dog crate is rust and corrosion resistant so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The manufacture lists this crate’s metal coating as non-toxic. Many of the manufactures we reviewed are not as clear about the coating material. Non-toxic coating could be especially valuable information if your canine is a chewer. 

Some assembly is required. 

Smonter Heavy Duty Pet Crate

Sizes: Medium, 42″L x 31″W x 37″H  Large, 46″L x 32″W x 39″H

Material: Reinforced alloy steel

Tray: Yes

Wheels: Yes

Doors: 2 side doors (one small, one large)

This escape proof dog crate is rust and corrosion resistant so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The manufacturer lists this crate’s metal coating as non-toxic which could be especially valuable information if your canine is a chewer. 

The latches have two locks with the safety buckles to prevent the dogs from opening the door and escaping.

While most buyers were pleased with this purchase, others did mention concerns with warranties and the ability to contact the manufacture. With all online purchases, it’s worth checking the details so you feel comfortable with your selection. 

This crate ships partially assembled, but will require some at-home assembly as well. It has two doors, a larger one for your dog to go through and a smaller one that makes adding food or a toy more convenient. 

Guide to Buying an Escape Proof Dog Crate

While having an escape proof dog crate can certainly help keep your belongings and furry friend safe when you are away, it’s also important to understand how your Houdini was able to break free from previous crates.  

What Kind of Escape Artist Is Your Dog?


Dogs who use their teeth and jaw to chew and bite are often looking for weak spots in a crate. This could mean a loosely welded corner, sliding latch, or the plastic tray at the bottom of the crate. Any place that could loosen is a spot to watch for dogs with this behavior.

If your dog is a chewer, you might want to invest in a metal crate tray to replace the plastic tray it comes with. You can get a stainless steel or galvanized steel finish replacement tray from Pinnacle Systems in a variety of different sizes to fit your crate’s measurements. They also accept orders with custom measurements if you don’t see the size you’re looking for. 

Puzzle Solvers

Other dogs immediately see the door as the point of freedom. They know it opens, now it’s just a matter of realizing how. Clever dogs that like to solve puzzles often head to the latch to test what moves and what doesn’t.


A third type of escape artist uses total force and strength to attempt a breakout. They often use their whole bodies to test the durability of a crate. These dogs are often strong and big….and know it. 

If you are unsure what type of furry escape artist you are living with, some dog owners will put it to a test using a standard wire or plastic crate to see how they behave and ultimately escape. It usually doesn’t take long before they figure it out!

Separation Anxiety

Many dogs with separation anxiety show thier concerns and fears by trying to escape. This behavior is quite common with separation anxiety and often requires special training and modifications. 

If you think your dog is trying to escape their crate due to separation anxiety, it’s a good idea to talk to a vet or pet behavioral therapist. You and your canine will likely still benefit from a heavy-duty escape proof dog crate, but a professional can help evaluate your dog’s needs and assist with specific training and advice.

Location, Location, Location!

It is also worth considering the placement of the dog crate if your dog needs help becoming settled. Is there a nearby window with noises or people passing by? Do appliances make noise near the crate? What’s the temperature like in that particular area? There are several questions to consider that might have a big impact on how your dog reacts to being crated while you are away.

Pre-Crate Exercise

Before locking your dog up, make sure you’ve also provided plenty of exercise and outdoor time. If possible, a long walk or game of fetch before crate time can really help set the tone for rest or a nap for your tired dog. Some dogs seem to have an endless supply of energy, so it’s not a fool-proof tip, but combined with an escape-proof dog crate, we think it’s worth a try!

Dog owners with strong, highly anxious canines know that sometimes indestructible products become destructible pretty quickly. All the escape proof dog crates we reviewed are made from heavy-duty steel and 

Our Final Thoughts

Dog owners with strong, highly anxious, crate-escaping canines know that sometimes indestructible products become destructible pretty quickly. All the escape proof dog crates we reviewed are made from heavy-duty steel and have wheels to help you move them…as expected, they area all very heavy as well. 

After filtering through a lot of information and feedback from dog owners, we narrowed our reviews to crates that not only could withstand the impact and chewing from forceful dogs, but also had strong latches to keep those crate doors closed. 

So we are handing our Best In Show award to the Pro Select Empire Crate as our overall top pick for an escape proof dog crate. In addition to many of the benefits in all the crates we reviewed, we like the durability this model provides for anxious and clever canines.

We at Dog Training Boss knows that every dog and breed is different and each furry friend has their own story with training and behavioral needs. Always keep safety a top priority for your dog and check with your vet if you have concerns. We hope this review points you in the right direction to find the best escape proof dog crate for your needs.

If you are just getting started, or starting over, on your crate training journey, check out our guide with step-by-step tips to successful crate training.

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